This is the only short movie. Also there will be more short movies in the future.


  • B1: I think there is Pyjama Day.
  • B2: Yes there is.
  • Scarface Claw: But it is a bad event.
  • B1: Nope. Try it!
  • B2: Wear Pyjamas!
  • Ellie the Elephant: I wear pyjamas!
  • Red Bird: I do!
  • B1: Good!
  • Scarface Claw: I do not wear it!
  • B2: If you don't wear pyjamas, your out!
  • Pinga: I don't want to wear it!
  • B1: Yes you do!
  • Everyone: Yeah!
  • B1 and B2: We do!


  • The characters of Bananas in Pyjamas appears in this short movie.
  • The long movie will come out on 31 May 2012.